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RollCall FAQ

Please scroll down to find videos below for tutorials on how to use RollCall.

What is the school code for the app?

The school code is "lankatours"

Bus icon goes from left to right in app.

The bus going left to right means that the app is unable to connect to the Rollcall server.

If you are on wifi, try disabling it and connecting via your mobile internet (4G/5G). Your internet provider or firewall may be blocking the connection.

You can also try the web app at

NO CARD exception email

Inside the app go to the alerts section, change Exceptions from EMAIL to NONE.

How do I give my child or someone else access?

Please see the "secondary carer" video below. This allows you to create a sub-account that can see the map. There is no limit to the number of sub-accounts you can give access to.

Bus Not Logged on Message

When the route that the parent’s child is nominated on is not logged, the following message will be displayed on the mapping screen -  “YOUR ROUTE IS NOT LOGGED ON”. This will then change to mapping the bus the moment the driver logs onto the route and will again appear at the completion of the route.

How do I reset my password?

From the web portal, click the forgot password link at the bottom.

Please note requesting a password reset from the smartphone app currently has a bug and sends an invalid link, please use the web portal for now.

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