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Multi Day Tours

Melbourne - Multi-Day: Tours

LTV01 | Grampians Tour

2/3 Days

Get out and about with this tour which includes many outdoor activities including walking and climbing through sandstone/granite peaks and ridges.

Stay overnight in Halls Gap

  • Brambuck cultural centre – This highlights the indigenous culture and heritage. The centre also has a theatre, bush cafe and many displays.

  • Mackenzie Falls – About 1 hour return medium walk to the bottom of the fall.

  • The Balconies – About 1 hour return easy walk.

  • The Pinnacle - About 3 - 3.5 hour return hard walk

  • Silverband Falls - About 45min return easy walk.

  • Kangaroo spotting

LTV02 | Great Ocean Road / Otway Fly Tour

2 Days

Visit some extra attractions on Great Ocean Road on this combined tour with Otway Fly.

Stay overnight in Port Campbell

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Sceneries with lookouts along the ocean

  • Light house

  • Rain forest walk

  • Gibson steps

  • World famous 12 apostles

  • Loch Ard gorge

  • Helicopter rides* (optional)

  • London Bridge

  • The Grotto

  • Treetop walk tour* (Otway Fly)

  • Climb down to see a spectacular waterfall

  • Zip line tour* (optional)

  • Cattle & sheep farms

LTV03 | Underground Caves / Lakes

2 Days

Visit the famous limestone show caves and the popular waterfront holiday town of Lakes Entrance.

This is a long drive from Melbourne (5 hrs)

Stay overnight in Lakes Entrance

  • Underground Cave Tours*

  • Paddle boat / aqua-bike / catamaran etc rides*

  • Fishing in a boat*

  • Sea safari or cruise*

LTV04 | Outback Tour

3 Days

Experience the magic of Australia’s great outdoors. Visit an Orange Farm and the stunning red sand-hills at sunset. Children will love running up and sliding down the sand-hills. Don’t worry the red sand brushes off!

This is a very long drive from Melbourne (8 hrs)

Stay in Mildura

  • Orange Farm tractor tour* - This is a working 50-acre citrus property. They offer educational and informative citrus tours around the picturesque property of avocado trees, numerous citrus varieties and tree grafting areas.

  • Red Sandhills – Experience a little bit of red dessert in Australia. According to geologists, the Red Sandhills originated after an ice age (40,000 years ago) and are formed by wind erosion over thousands of years. The dunes are a unique land formation of 400 acres of continuously shifting sand dunes.

  • Gem Shop - This is one of the largest touristy gem shop/gem display/cutting attractions of its kind in Australia.

  • River Bath in the Murray.

  • Inland Botanic Gardens

LTV05 | Blue Lake Tour (seasonal)

3 Days

Marvel at the mysterious blue colour of this lake during warmer weather. Walk around the lake or take an aquifer tour. View the beauty of a sink-hole from the top and then walk down into the sink-hole.

This is a very long drive from Melbourne (6 hrs)

Stay in Mt Gambier

Best to visit from December to March

  • Visitor & discovery centre

  • Blue lake (water turns a dense blue from December to March)

  • Aquifer tour* (optional)

  • Sunken Garden, sinkhole

  • Sound and light show in the cave garden at night

  • Rose cave (optional)

  • Wineries on the way

LTV06 | Snow Holiday (seasonal)

2/3 Days

Stay one or two nights at a snow resort to experience snowfall and extreme cold weather. Take part or watch all the snow activities. Build a snowman or throw a few snowballs!

July to September only. Not recommended for children under 4yrs.

* fee payable

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