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Lanka Tours is a tour company in Melbourne which provides family and group charter tours/holidays to locals and visitors. It also provides tour packages to Australia and Sri Lanka.

Lanka Tours was first established in Melbourne (Australia) in the year 2000 to provide much-needed tour services to migrant families and local tourists at a price affordable to them.

Today, it provides a wide variety of services, not only to migrant families and locals but also to international tourists to experience Australia and Sri Lanka.

Our tours and tour packages are designed to give you maximum customer satisfaction and value. We are able to do this with our experience, by understanding our customer’s needs, forward planning and utilizing the tour time to the optimum. We can tailor-make your holiday the way you want, where you want and when you want, for a reasonable price.

We have our own fleet of late model luxury vehicles including cars, vans, minibuses and coaches.

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